Man guilty of sexually abusing 21-month-old

Mother wakes up to find her ‘best friend’ in bed with her 21-month-old daughter with her nappy around her ankles.

A Jury has found a Southern Downs man guilty of indecently touching a toddler while she slept.

The man was sentenced to eight months jail, to serve four, after a young mother discovered him in bed with her 21-month-old daughter, while the child’s nappy was around her ankles.

The man pleaded not guilty to the charge and appeared in Warwick District Court earlier this year.

After four days a jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision on his guilt, and the case went to retrial on Monday.

During the man’s first trial, the jury heard that the child’s mother considered the man her “best friend”.

The man went to the woman’s home at 9pm, drank beer and asked to spend the night.

The court heard, being a single mother, she only had one bed, and the man shared it with the mother and two children.

At 1am, the mother woke to what she called “a different noise” and turned on the lights.
She told the court she saw her daughter’s nappy around her ankles and the man’s pants undone.

When she asked the man what he was doing, he grabbed his shoes and left.

The man will spend the next four months behind bars for the indecent treatment.