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13614918_662340733924132_910695875160678050_n My fiancee and I have been dating for 8 months. We met at Winners Chapel, Ondo Road, Akure, Ondo State. being a member of the church choir, I had difficulty approaching her because of her strict look so I spoke with a friend of mine @Arikawe Folashade to help me get her number. After that was done, I called & introduced myself to her and told her how I got her number and guess what her next question was, ‘What do you want?’ I told her my intentions and the answer was a ‘NO’. we continued as friends but her response was getting me pissed off that I eventually said I was not going to call her again which i stuck to.

She noticed this and sent an sms to me after some days which i saw and Ignored. Fast forward to June, I knew it was time to take it to the next level so I spoke with my friends on the format it will take. After checking through prewedding Naija on facebook and Instagram, I grabbed my favorite proposal format.

On Sunday, 3rd June, 2016, I told her we were going for a friends birthday party after enough arrangement had been made with our families, friends and colleagues. On getting to the proposal venue, unfamiliar faces were placed inside the venue to avoid suspicions. later, our orders were taken. two plates of assumed rice was brought. I opened mine and with cameras clicking, video recording she opened her plate, covered her mouth with the plate, shed tears of joy and the ring was placed on her finger.

This was the first time she said YES to me!
Meeting Eni was divine. The period of our friendship is worth it. Tribal differences that should have been a weakness is one of the strengths of this relationship. Such a Loving, Understanding, Humble and easy-going lady. I love her now, always and forever.

Photo credit: Preweddingnaija