Prewedding Naija Insights – Somie Ajaero

Prewedding Naija – My name is name is Somie Ajaero. Handle @somiiee24.. I had just come back from a trip on 4th of may (planning my friend’s @maureenpeters82 wedding) , on 5th of July, Gogie said I should wear a dress to church that evening, I told him I couldn’t figure out what to wear, so I told him whatever he sees me wearing in church, he should better accept me like that. Fast forward to after church, I went home, he came over and said let’s go to the movies, I hesitated for a while, cause I was tired, he pleaded, I agreed (just returned from a trip, won’t mind spending time with him). On our way, I wondered why we were doing movies on a Thursday, that’s not our movie day, and he wasn’t driving fast. So I sent a message to my firend/sister @maureenpeters82 telling her Boo is acting suspicious cause he took a call that seemed rather awkward. We got to the cinema, about to enter the elevator, I saw my friend @maureenpeters82 and her fiancé, my cousin @diva4me and others, and next thing I know, Gogie starts talking, calls my full name, tells me a lot of things am still trying to process (lol), then I still hadn’t gotten the gist, he went down on one knee and I was blasted, like not today, am not dressed for this, lol, thank God my nails were fixed (indirectly he made sure of that). I was shaking, so was he. Am happy I let him knee for a while before I said yes (lol, he might not get to knee again)

Photo credit: Preweddingnaija